The Songbook

The Chorus songbook now has several sections, each with a different theme. New songs and old songs are mixed alphabetically within sections and, for ease in making up performance-specific notebooks, only one song is placed on each page. New girls should begin with the Basic Songs; these form the core of our Chorus repertoire and could be called on at any time in a performance. They should be learned by heart, and many have motions we’ll work on at rehearsals. We’ll work on these at our first two October rehearsals. Other songs will be rehearsed as needed for performances as they are scheduled. At our November overnight rehearsal, we’ll concentrate on holiday songs, in preparation for our several holiday performances. Trefoil singers are our soloists. All girls are welcome in Chorus without audition, but Trefoil singers must pass an audition for vocal pitch and volume. Auditions are held before or after regular rehearsals and should be arranged ahead of time with the director. At most of our rehearsals at Peterson, Trefoil singers will rehearse part of the time separately, learning the solo parts, descants, and longer verses of many of our songs. This should challenge our more experienced singers and allow us to expand our repertoire without over-taxing the newer girls who are still learning the basic repertoire. Included with each song is a blurb in blue, meant to be read as an introduction if appropriate when the song is performed. Also included with all songs meant to be sung with accompaniment are the chords, in green, at the end of each line (so as not to confuse our younger readers). From that, we know the key the chorus is accustomed to singing the song in, and can accompany the chorus with guitar, banjo, piano, accordion, or whatever instrument we desire. Note that, in many cases, the chords have been derived from a Girl Scout songbook, but, in many other cases, are of my own derivation.
Pat Disharoon, Director
You may download the songbook here. Songbook 2020- 2021

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