Information you may have missed


Hi, all, as I announced (and is on our flyer), our next rehearsal will be a Friday EVENING rehearsal, Friday, November 9, covering our holiday repertoire and getting ready for our round of holiday performances. While, in the past, this has always been an overnight rehearsal, we no longer have permission to spend the night at Peterson. We’ll start with pizza BEFORE 7 PM, actual rehearsal will begin AT 7 PM, we’ll break for ice cream sundaes, and then we’ll rehearse till about 10 PM, stopping to do a craft along the way to break things up. A LONG rehearsal, but our very, very first performance for the holidays is the Tree Lighting at the Inner Harbor for the entire city of Baltimore.  Feel free to invite more girls for this rehearsal since we can start any time during the Scouting year and the holidays are a particularly fun (if strenuous) performance time. And ALL of us need to be listening to our holiday songs on our website or the CD to learn the words and tunes so we can work at the rehearsal more on singing together than on actually learning the words. Please, if you have a printer, print your own book since I don’t have easy access to a good printer anymore. Borrowing computers here and there….I will have SOME books…and I promise to learn ALL of the accordion parts before the rehearsal…After THIS rehearsal, we’ll not be rehearsing till January…

Pat Disharoon, October 30, 2018