Information you may have missed

Hi, all, don’t forget we have a Chorus rehearsal this coming Sunday, March 1, at 2 PM at Peterson Center, Camp Ilchester. I’m attaching both rehearsal permission slip with reminder of dates plus slips for upcoming performances — St. Patrick’s Parade in Dundalk, Big Outdoors at Ilchester, and Frederick Keys baseball game over the summer. The Keys game is a long time off, but we do need ticket orders so we can get the tickets in ahead of time to give to you. I have also put in request for singing the national anthem for the Orioles so cross your fingers…Any other places you’d like to sing this spring? I’m setting up our spring performance at the Futurecare in late May or early June, depending on when I can get GSCM HQ across the parking lot for our party and business meeting. But, we’re open to more ideas…venues…
Pat Disharoon