Information you may have missed

Hi, all, and thanks to all who came to rehearse for the upcoming spring performances. We need all hands on deck for our Songfest; we’re all the STAFF for the event. Why not invite your troop to COME to the event?

We also voted yesterday to again perform a musical. We’ll be doing the musical we did 2 years ago, “The Story of the Brownie”, to the tune of the songs of Mary Poppins. We’ll have auditions at our February rehearsals; if you’d like one of the solo roles, come prepared to sing your favorite song from Mary Poppins. BUT, this musical also has a huge part for the entire Chorus AND a dance line, so we need everyone to participate. We’ll be doing the performance at our April rehearsal time at Peterson Center.

Next month, February, we will hold all our usual rehearsals. But our attendance so far has bee sparse both in Harford County and in Annapolis. For March and April, we’ll be skipping our Harford County and Annapolis locations since we all need to rehearse together for our musical. EVERYONE will be needed March and April at 2 PM at Peterson, and we’ll run till 4 PM both months. Again, this musical includes the entire Chorus singing and/or dancing, so we need everyone to participate. In fact, the majority of the songs are sung by the entire Chorus, making it ideal for everyone to participate.

Anyone in need of a TAP, Take Action Project, for a Journey for your troop or a service project? Both years that we’ve done musicals, we’ve not charged for them, but instead one of our intrepid Girl Scouts has collected something as a service project and that has been the admission fee. Anyone interested this year? You could collect toys for a homeless shelter, books for a clinic or shelter, canned goods…whatever your girls would like for their service project. I’d like to include the “fee” in the flyer I need to send promptly to all the SUMS to invite troops to come TO the performance. First to reply will get the “admission” fee.


January 8, 2018



Please note that a link to download audio files of our songs is now available on the Songbook page. Many of us will no longer need to use the old CDs; we can use this link to put the music directly onto a playlist.